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Behavior/Responsibility Code


The following Responsibility/Behavior Code has been developed to provide a basic code of conduct that every student should abide by in order to assure a safe, clean learning environment. All students deserve a safe learning environment inside and outside of the classroom. 


Students who continually disturb others in the classroom, bully or tease others or physically or verbally abuse another student WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT ANDASOL ELEMENTARY.  There will be a series of consequences involving parents.


We have such great hard-working, creative students who ALL deserve to soar with their education in a safe place!


Please go over all of the rules with your child and indicate your understanding and support by signing the tear-off below and returning it to your child’s teacher.



  • All school gates will remain locked during the school day.

 (8:02 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.)


  • All gates will be open for:

       Student Arrival: 7:40 A.M. - 8:02 A.M.        Gates will be locked promptly at 8:02 A.M.

       Student Dismissal:  2:30 P.M.


  • Students will enter through the appropriate gates.

      K- Front of the school - Encino Ave.

      Grades 1-5 – Mayall St. gate

      Only Special Education students will enter and exit on Lemarsh Street.

      Grades 4-5 will exit from the southwest gate, at Mayall St. and Andasol Ave.



  • Staff Parking Lot may not be used for student drop-off/pick-up, or for parent parking either before, during or after school.
  • All students waiting at the Mayall gate after school for parents will wait inside the gate until parent arrives.
  • Bicycles are to be walked at all times. Students must have permits (obtained in the main office) and must wear helmets.
  • Students are not to arrive earlier than 7:40 A.M.  There is no supervision available prior to this time.
  • Students may not leave their classrooms or the school grounds without permission.
  • The Youth Services playground is designated for Grades 2-5 onlyKindergarteners and First Grade students are not permitted. (Please make arrangements for after-school pick-up or childcare)


Traffic Safety

  • Parents are advised that adults as well as students will be ticketed for violations such as speeding vehicles, double parking, jaywalking, etc. LAPD, CHP, DOT, and the Los Angeles Sheriff Department have combined resources to make the traffic zones around schools safer for the students. Please obey the law. If you would like a list of most commonly violated laws around schools, please contact our school principal. 
  • DO NOT block the staff parking lot driveway to drop off your child.
  • DO NOT drive through the staff parking in either direction, at any time.


Valet Drop Off

  • Thanks to all the parents who are using Valet Drop-off! Thanks to all the parents who volunteer! And thanks to all the parents who observe traffic safety around our school!

We want to continue this program but we need more volunteers! Please consider helping out.  It’s only an hour commitment of your time in the morning, and it brings smiles and peace of mind to everyone involved. We appreciate any time you can give.

  • Please do not park in the Valet line.
  • Do not honk your horn.
  • Do not make U-turns! Signs are posted and you may risk a big fat ticket!
  • Keep moving in the line. Do not let your children out UNTIL the attendant has come to open you vehicle door.
  • Once your children have exited your vehicle, stay in the line until the car in front of you moves out of the line. Do not move out of the line with vehicles still in front of yours.



  • Students will arrive promptly by 8:02 A.M. and avoid excessive tardiness and absences.
  • Students are not permitted to enter through the main office, unless they are late to school (after 8:02 A.M.)
  • Any student entering through the office prior to that time will be re-directed back around to the appropriate gate.
  • After 8:02 A.M., students entering through the main office will be given a tardy slip.  Kindergarten and First Grade students must be brought to the office by a parent.
  • Letters will be mailed to parents of students with three (3) or more “unexcused” absences and/or three (3) or more tardies.


General Behavior

Students may request to use the office phone if they need to make a call. If necessary and for emergency purposes only, cell phones may only be used during recess, lunch, and after school.

  • Students will respond to all adults with courtesy and respect.
  • Students must use acceptable verbal and non-verbal language.
  • Students will respect the property of others and of the school.
  • Use of profanity is forbidden.
  • Students must not hit or assault another student in any way.
  • Students are not permitted to throw objects of any kind other than standard playground equipment. 
  • Weapons or replicas of weapons of any kind are prohibited at school.
  • Possession of any of these items can result in expulsion from school.
  • The Kindergarten yard is “off limits” to all students in grades 1-5.
  • All students must play in their designated areas during recess and lunch.
  • Students are not permitted behind buildings or in restrooms.
  • Students are not allowed in the classrooms without an adult present.
  • Students are to remain seated while eating lunch. Food is to be eaten in the lunch pavilion area only. Food is not permitted on the play-ground.
  • Soft drinks are not permitted.
  • Students will clean their area after eating a snack or lunch. Students will keep the playground clean. No littering allowed. It is every student’s job to keep their campus clean.
  • Neither chewing gum nor soda is permitted at school.
  • Any vandalism is the responsibility of the child/parent.
  • Objects such as radios, baseball/trading cards, or other toys are not permitted in school.  These items will be confiscated if brought to school.
  • Cell phones are not suggested and are not to be used during class time.