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A school breakfast is proved for students. Students may purchase prepared lunch or bring their lunch from home. 


All families are encouraged to complete the Federal Meal Applications to possibly qualify for the reduced prices. Students are when purchases food. Please remind students to bring their lunch (encourage them to bring the correct change), sack lunch and/or tickets each day.


Cafeteria Behavior

Children eating at school are expected to practice the appropriate table manners. Students with inappropriate behavior will be excluded from the cafeteria. Selling or trading food to one another is not permitted. Disciplinary action will occur if this policy is violated.

Students are expected to follow the cafeteria standards in order to have meals in a  pleasant
time for all:

  1. Good table manner are expected by all.
  2. Children are expected to eat some lunch unless a written note is received from a parent/guardian.
  3. Loud talking is not permitted. Students should use their “6 inch voices” and raise their hands and wait for assistance.
  4. Once seated, students are not allowed to change their seats and must remain in their seats until they are dismissed.
  5. Students must gather their trash, raise their hands and wait to be dismissed from the table before leaving.
  6. Students are expected to throw all their trash away before leaving the eating area.
  7. No food or drinks should be taken out of the cafeteria area.
  8. Students must wait in the waiting zone if they finish their food before the bell rings.
  9. Students should be respectful to all supervising adults.