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Arriving and Leaving School

Time of Student Arrival

Andasol has no adult supervision before 7:40 a.m.. when gates open. As a safety precaution, children should always be supervised by a parent/guardian until gates open and school supervision begins. Student will wait in the cafeteria area until dismissed to the lines. All students are expected to be in line and ready to enter the classroom when the second bell rings at 8:02 a.m. 

Parents should kiss their child goodbye at the gate. Students should enter playground and wait in the supervised areas.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

We are proud to continue our morning Valet Safety Program. Mondays through Fridays. Your support in this well received program expedites and organizes traffic patterns for safe morning arrivals and afternoon dismissals. The valet line will continue at the south end of our campus on Mayall Street. All students in first through fifth grades should use the Mayall Street south gate entrance.

Dismissal will continue with first through third grades using the south gate at Mayall Street near bungalows 21 and 22. Fourth and fifth grades dismiss out of the southeast gate at the corner of Andasol and Mayall. All kindergarten students will arrive and dismiss on Encino Avenue at the southwest kindergarten gate. Pre-school students will arrive and exit using the west gate Encino Avenue. Only bused special education students should enter and exit at the north gate on Lamarsh Avenue. (See School Hours for times).

Please remember safety first! Pay attention to the parking signs. Do not double-park.  Students should exit cars on the side next to the curb. All students should cross the street using the crosswalk at corners. Parents are a child’s first teachers. Please model what you expect of them.

The parking lot is for school staff parking only. Please do not allow you child to walk through the parking lot. Do not block driveways. Never permit your child to run between cars. Drop-off and pick-up is not permitted in the red zones and there are no U-turns in front of the school. Please read all parking and traffic signs carefully. Traffic police will ticket cars illegally parked. In consideration to our neighbors, please do not blow your car horn to get your child’s attention when you arrive to pick up.  Your cooperation is essential for the safety of our children.

No Waiting Zone

Students are not to wait for parents/guardians outside the school gates. All students stay out of the NO Waiting Zone outlined in yellow.  This allows for easier supervision by staff and serves as a safety reminder for students to wait inside the yard and  away from the Mayall south gate.

Locked campus

The district mandates that we maintain a locked campus during the school day. Only the main entrance to the school shall remain open during the school day and entrance must be monitored at all times.

Safe Routes

Teach your child the safest route to take when traveling to and from school. Remind your child of these safety tips:

  • Walk directly to school and home.
  • Walk on the sidewalks
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Cross streets only at the corner and only when the traffic light is green for you
  • Use the crosswalk and wait for traffic to stop before stepping off the curb.
  • Do not go with or acknowledge any person you do not know
  • Do not go to anyone’s home or any other place without parent permission.
  • Discourage use of alleys or private property.