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Cycle Safety

Students may ride bicycles to school starting in the 3rd grade with parent written permission. Helmets are mandatory!  Pupils who fail to wear bicycle helmets shall be issued one warning only, followed by a parent contact. Both the student and the parent shall be reminded that the child may not ride his/her bicycle to and from school without a bicycle helmet. Should that directive be subsequently violated, the parent will be required to retrieve the bicycle from the school.  All bikes must be walked on the playground. The Los Angeles Unified School District does not provide insurance for loss or damaged to property of students. Parents and students must read and sign an acknowledgement card if you are sending your child to school on a bicycle. Return this agreement card to the main office. These privileges will be revoked if guidelines are not followed.

Since we have regulation P.E. equipment, students should not bring personal sports equipment to school. No hard balls or bats are allowed at school. Bike riding, skateboards, scooters, skates, rollerblades, wheelie, shoes with wheels, or motorized items are allowed on the school grounds at any time. Only bike permits will be on file and available in the office.