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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Sheets – have replaced the manila emergency cards. They must be completed yearly and updated as information changes. No child will be released to anyone who is not designated on the emergency sheet.

Emergency Drills - We practice monthly fire drills and have scheduled various other safety drills (lock – down, earthquake, shelter-in-place) throughout the course of the year to prepare staff and students in case of an emergency.

Earthquake kits – Each year parents are requested to send an emergency kit for each child enrolled in the case of an emergency. In a gallon size “Zip-lock” bag include:


These emergency bags will be returned to you on the last day of school.

Emergency Closures - All parents will be informed through the media or district communications “ConnectEd” if our campus is closed for emergency reasons. If your child is in attendance that day, proceed to the “Request Gate” to notify staff that you have arrived to pick up your child. It is imperative that the emergency sheet is current since your child will be released only to the designated persons on this paper at the “Reunion Gate”.