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Andasol PTA

Student Expectations

  • Be safe
  • Be responsible
  • Be respectful

Guiding Principles:

  1. Treat others with respect
  2. Find peaceful solution
  3. Listen to each other
  4. Are drug free
  5. Keep our clean                 
  6. Have healthy friendships
  7. Produce your own work
  8. Maintain honesty and integrity
  9. Show empathy and compassion        
  10. Defend other’s rights
  11. Appreciate differences
  12. Respect the property of other
  13. Engage in safe activities

Helpful Reminders:

  1. Demonstrate kindness and respect towards others at all times.
  2. Zero tolerance for smoking, drugs, bullying, and weapons
  3. Fighting is prohibited on school grounds, and to and from school.
  4. Inappropriate language is not to be used.
  5. No running on campus, except when playing an approved organized game.
  6. Student may not climb fences, trees, or backstops.
  7. Gum chewing is prohibited
  8. Students may not play in bathroom.