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Homework has significant relevance in the educational program. It provides opportunities for students to develop self-direction and self discipline by promoting study habits and study skills which will serve as an important link between home and school. Another valuable reason for its implementation is the opportunity to keep parents informed of the school’s curriculum and their child’s progress by monitoring assignments sent home.

The desired out-comes of homework include:

  • Providing practice in needed skills.
  • Training students in good independent study habits and in the ability to manage their time
  • Expanding understanding and interest through research activities
  • Strengthening parent understanding of grade level standards
  • Communicating and strengthening the relationships between home and school.
Recommended time allocations for Homework
Kindergarten 15 – 20 minutes per day
Grades 1 & 2 30 – 35 minutes per day
Grades 3 & 4 35 – 45 minutes per day
Grade 5 50 – 60 minutes per day