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Guidelines for homework

Guidelines for Assignment of Homework

General guidelines for all grade levels:


1. Homework is an important resource for teachers in helping students to learn.


2. Homework may be scheduled when appropriate over an extended period of time which may include weekends.


3. Homework assignments should be reasonable in length, content and required resources.


4. Homework should be assigned to reinforce, extend, or enrich areas which have been taught.


5. Assignments should be related to grade level and subject objectives.


6. Assignments and due dates should be thoroughly explained by the teacher and understood by the student.


7. Homework, once assigned by the teacher, becomes the responsibility of the student, to know the content, process, and due date; to complete and return as required.


8. Completed assignments should be acknowledged by the teacher and reviewed with students when appropriate.



At the Elementary School Level:

Homework may be assigned each day, Monday through Thursday. For extended assignments, see number 2 above.


Suggested Schedule:


                                      Kindergarten          15-20 minutes per day

                                      Grades 1-2            30-35 minutes per day

                                      Grades 3-4            35-45 minutes per day

                                      Grade 5                 50-60 minutes per day



Please help your child(ren) in taking his/her responsibility seriously.