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Health Office Information

Andasol Avenue Elementary School Health Office Information

 A student who needs to take medication during school hours MUST have a doctor’s note and written permission from the parent/guardian on file at the school. The required forms are available in the Health Office. School personnel do not prescribe or give advice regarding medication or other care beyond first aid. Aspirins, Tylenol, inhalers for Asthma, cough drops, ointments, etc. are considered medication and CANNOT BE TAKEN UNLESS A DOCTOR’S NOTE IS ON FILE. (All medications MUST be in the original container.)


A student returning to school with bandages, ace bandages, stitches, casts, crutches, leg brace(s), a wheelchair, etc., MUST HAVE A DOCTOR’S NOTE TO ATTEND SCHOOL and must comply with any safety procedures required by the school administration and Health Services personnel.


If your child has any of these symptoms: fever, vomiting, sore throat, nasal discharge, bad cough, diarrhea, etc., please keep him/her at home with plenty of bed rest. The child must be fever/symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.


A student returning to school following a serious or prolonged illness, injury, surgery, or other hospitalization, MUST HAVE A DOCTOR’S NOTE.


When you child returns to school after illnesses such as strep throat, conjunctivitis (pink eye), etc., permission for your child to reenter will require a doctor’s note or an evaluation by the school nurse. The doctor’s note stating that your child may return to school will alleviate further problems.


We in the Health Office are restricted to administering MINOR FIRST AID, not treatment or making decisions regarding illnesses, contagious diseases, or possible sprains/fractures. Please do not ask us to do this.


It’s important that we have up-to-date emergency information on file. If your child becomes ill or injured at school, he/she will need to be picked up promptly. We must have the names and phone numbers of people who can drive to pick up your child when you are unavailable.


For MEDICAL NEEDS – please refer to your private health care provider.